European 3D Nano Permanent Makeup by Dora Hollos


Powderful™ Eyeshadow

Versatile technique that instantly beautifies your appearance.

With permanent makeup, you have the freedom to be beautiful always! Leave behind the most time-consuming hassle of your daily morning routine with pain-free results.

Reward your most alluring feature with a beautiful, long-lasting solution.

Permanent Eyelid Makeup, with its wide variety of creative solutions, always brings the desired benefits by its more precise contoured lines, eyelid-adjusted colors and precise arcs.

Our Price

Powderful™ Eyeshadow

$ 1000 By European Renowned Master
- Dora Hollos
  • Touch-up an additional $200 after 6-12weeks

Lashline™ Enhancement

$ 750 By European Renowned Master
- Dora Hollos
  • Touch-up an additional $200 after 6-12weeks

Refreshment Prices (Within 15 months after having first treatment with Dora or her Essential Team)

Powderful™ Eyeshadow

$ 600 By World Renowned Master
- Dora Hollos
  • One treatment within 15 months after last touch up appointment with Dora

Lashline™ Enhancement

$ 475 By World Renowned Master
- Dora Hollos
  • One treatment within 15 months after last touch up appointment with Dora

Eyelash Enhancement

An absolutely secure and natural-looking process, where makeup pigments are filled into the empty spaces between the upper eyelid lashes. With this treatment, the eyes look more defined even without using spiral. The effect is stunning! Eyelash enhancement highlights the natural curve of the eye, and delivers a bright, expressive look.

Powderful Eyeliner

A wide spectrum of creative choices for the perfectly glamorous look!

Choosing smoky permanent makeup gives you the confidence to wake up every morning ready to go. From the thinnest line with the smallest tail and most solid arc to a dramatic cat-eye with artistically unique shading, anything is possible. This treatment is perfectly adjustable to your personal needs with the widest costumizability.

Within 15 months, 50% off renewal guarantee!

It is important to us that your eyeliner is always on point. As a courtesy to our customers, we offer 50% off your permanent makeup renewal as long as you come back for treatment within 15 months.

Cautions to take before receiving treatment:

  • please cease all kinds of tanning routines that include UV exposure 2 weeks prior to treatment
  • if you like to indulge in peeling treatments, please schedule the last one at least 2 weeks prior to pigmentation
  • if you have had permanent make up done before in another salon, please visit us for a brief consultation before reserving an appointment
  • please notify us of any skin conditions, birthmarks, moles, scars in the area and usage of blood thinners or anticoagulants when reserving an appointment
  • Steps of Permanent Eyelid Tattoo:

  • Skin disinfection
  • Application of anesthetics with cream
  • Consultation and design of the shape, color selection
  • Pre-drawing of the eyelid with special pencil
  • Makeup tattoo on closed eyes, under continuous anesthetics
  • Skin disinfection
  • After-care treatment
  • Cold compress
  • Cautions to take after the treatment:

    For ideal healed results it is crucial to follow a few guidelines during the healing process of the treatment you just received. Please read carefully the steps below to ensure safe and satisfactory healing.

    The complete healing process of the skin is going to take 6 weeks. Throughout this time several changes may occur to the skin structure and the appearance of the pigmentation.

    Right after permanent pigmentation a scab is going to form on the treated area. This scab is similar to those appearing over bruises or small cuts. The forming of this dry and hard crust is going to take a few days and is going to peel off naturally in 10-14 days. The scab must remain dry during this period and the peeling must not be accelerated in any way. In this first two weeks after the treatment please adhere to the following:

  • please avoid touching the eye area in the first two hours after treatment – the used anesthetic numbs the tissues around the eyes and owing to its extremely delicate structures, significant damage may done to them without it being registered as it is happening
  • do not pick, scratch or manipulate in any way with the treated area
  • if you absolutely must touch the area, do so with thoroughly washed and/or sanitized hands
  • avoid saunas, pools, steams or intense workouts resulting in excessive sweating – this way the scab’s dryness is ensured and the chance of any infections can be minimized
  • do not use any skincare products or make up on the treated area – this way you can evade any unwanted moisture, infections and rubbing during cleansing
  • you can wash your face regularly, just make sure to be gentle on the treated area and to pat it dry with a clean towel immediately afterwards
  • avoid all forms of sunbathing, including solariums
  • if you absolutely must expose the area to direct sunlight, use a thin layer of SPF 50 sunscreen on it
  • do not undergo peeling treatments or cleansing facials where steam is utilized
  • During this period some natural changes may occur in the appearance of the tattoo. In the first two days, the color will graduate towards a darker tone and will remain quite dark until the peeling of the scab. Red tones are natural, as blood may infiltrate the area, which is going to be reabsorbed by immune mechanisms or is going to peel off with the scab. The crust may become very dry and is going to crack up and peel off in smaller pieces. During this time uneven form and color is natural due to layers of the skin being thicker in some areas than others.

    After the scab has fallen off, you may return to your normal daily routine. You can now go to saunas, pools etc., use make up or any chosen skincare and undergo facial treatments of your choice excluding plastic surgery. You can now expose the area to sunlight on the condition that you use SPF 50 sunscreen over it, but it is still strongly advised against to spend excessive amounts of time exposed. Until the end of the 6-week healing process, the following changes may occur:
    – the color of the tattoo may become patchy, uneven, very light or may look like it’s disappeared for a period of time – as the healing of the skin layers is not completely even from area to area, some parts may become thicker, others thinner
    – the shape of the tattoo may look asymmetrical for a period of time – the reason for this is just the same as with uneven color
    These changes will gradually pass towards the end of the 6 weeks.

    **Refreshment price applies to clients that had their initial PMU done with Essential Team.