Booking and Cancellation Policy


  • This may be through booking a consultation or by sending an e-mail with the current state of the permanent makeup.
  • Photos must be well-lighted and focused, without makeup and at least 3 days apart from the last tinting.
  • Photos must be UNFILTERED.
  • This consultation must precede the permanent makeup appointment by at least 7 days.
  • If this information is not presented prior to the appointment, the treatment may not be performed.

In this case, the missed appointment is handled as a late cancellation and the deposit is nullified.

2. DEPOSIT: Upon booking a deposit will be charged per appointment, which is non-refundable, but is deductible from the final price of the treatment.

3. CHANGES & CANCELLATION: Appointments may be rescheduled free of charge 48 hours or more prior to the booked time, without having to transfer another deposit. Any changes or cancellations made within this 48-hour time frame will result in the loss of the pending deposit.To reserve any new dates, the guest will be required to provide the amount of another deposit first.

4. TOUCH UPS: All new permanent makeup appointments should have a touch up, that takes place within 6-12 weeks of the first appointment. If a guest is unable to return within 12 weeks due to any circumstance (travels, rescheduling, illness etc), the appointment will be granted but will lose its complimentary nature. Any missed complimentary touch ups (without notification) will also result in a touch up fee, even if still within the 12-week time frame.

5. LATE ARRIVAL: Essential PMU understands that delays may occur on behalf of both parties due to unforeseen events. Bearing in mind that bookings are tight within reason, we kindly ask guests to notify our Salon about any late arrivals. Any delays exceeding 15 minutes by the guest may result in the cancellation of the appointment without any further notice. In this case, the deposit will be lost.

6. CONSULTATIONS: Consultations are non-compulsory if no previous permanent makeup on the treated area exists, however, guests may reserve an appointment for one. If, after a consultation, you proceed to come to a permanent makeup appointment, the deposit will be deducted from the final fee. Otherwise, the deposit will be deemed used up. Consultation is 15 minutes and is not the procedure day. Deposits made this way may only be used within 6 months. Please note, that all information, wishes, goals are discussed on the permanent makeup appointment as well and designing is performed according to the guest’s needs.

7. ALLERGY TESTING: Allergy tests are only required in case of an existing, severe metal sensitivity. If needed, the test must precede the appointment at least by 48 hours.

8. COMPANY: Due to covid,  guests should avoid bringing with them company.